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Secure Shopping

We realise that safety and security is very important to our customers. We use Secure Trading to process our credit card transactions. At the end of the checkout process you will be taken to the Secure Trading card processing pages and you will then return to the Katie Kerr site as soon as the payment as been taken.


Secure Trading - our Card Processing partner.

SecureTrading was founded in the UK in 1997 to address the demand for leading edge online payment technology. As one of the first independent internet payment service providers in the UK they experienced rapid growth and although they are integrated with all the major UK and several international banks, they are not bank owned and remain one of few independent payment service providers in the UK. They process billions of pounds in card payments each year and continue to invest in card processing technology to ensure that your payments are dealt with securely and effortlessly.

Their payment processing technology exceeds the required standards for safe and secure shopping and is fully Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. Their infrastructure provides a much higher level of security than we could ourselves. Their website is http://www.securetrading.com/.

If you are interested to learn more about how to stay safe online please see the Government supported Stay Safe Online website.